Thursday, March 8, 2012

baby boo is 1

I can't really wrap my head around my baby being 1!

She is too little to even reach the floor on her new bouncy toy. But her HUGE personality makes up for her small size. We can't decide if we will call her by her full name or give her a nickname yet... right now we call her Boo Bear. As much as I love my Boo, I can't see her going to kindergarten with that nickname! :D
We all happened to be sick on her birthday. Poor thing ended up at the doctor that day - I knew we all just had colds, but I didn't want to end up in the ER at 10 at night worried about her breathing. She slept most of the day in her swing, and then was ready for a special pancake dinner in her honor!She chowed, happily. Of course she did, she is a Fish! Pancakes are a great dinner in this family. It doesn't matter what kind - buttermilk, pumpkin, blueberry, *filled with frosting* we all love them! Because we had her party the Saturday before her birthday, I was a little making cake-ed out. But I had leftover white chocolate mousse filling, and pink buttercream just calling from the fridge to be used. So I made these pancakes. It's one of our many go to recipes, and this one is simple and quick. I love Nigella.

Just made teeny tiny pancakes, smooshed some of the mousse in between, thinned the buttercream with milk, drizzled it on top, sprinkles, candle... birthday cake/dinner!

And a content one year old.

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